Styku body scanner

Visualize your progress

Styku body scanner is the number one rated professional 3D body composition scanner in the world. It is a non-invasive scanner that automates the measuring process and makes visualizing your progress simple. Razor Sharp Fitness is the only facility in the area that offers the Styku body scanner to create a personalized experience from day one.

Benefits of the Styku:

Stimulates a more engaged, meaningful, and informative experience

Provides an easy, visual way to track progress (receive the full report yourself)

Demonstrates where progress has been made through digital circumference measuring
Evaluates possible health risks compared to others within gender and age group
Allows for personalized, realistic health and fitness goals/ expectations to be set
Helps develop a realistic plan and timeline to accomplish goals based on activity level, fitness goals, and calorie intake

How the Styku body scanner works

The Styku utilizes a 3D camera that takes 600 depth images of the body during the scan. During this time, millions of data points of the body’s shape are collected using harmless infrared light. The Styku provides an interactive 3D before and after viewer and 2D visual overlays of current and past scans, allowing you to rotate, pan, or zoom to view a body part from any angle. Millions of data points of the body’s shape are collected using harmless infrared light during this quick and easy scan. More information can be found on the Styku website

The scan:

The scan takes roughly 35-40 seconds to complete and is taken in your privacy at our facility. To ensure the most accurate scan data, form-fitting clothing must be worn during the scan (leggings, shorts, sports bra, undergarments, etc.).

Razor Sharp Fitness Styku pricing

One scan per month


Two scans package


Four scans package


Styku with Fitness Consultation pricing

Two scans included when you complete the Fitness Consultation:

$59 / member

Maximize your membership with Styku