Our CryoLounge is available for Washington Ave Performance members only. The CryoLounge produces the same results as ice baths or gas cryotherapy but without the discomfort or hassles of those two methods. Simply lie down on the chair and use cold or hot temperatures to recover the body.


• Great for post-workout recovery and feels great on sore muscles and minor aches & pains in only 15-minute sessions
• Provides a unique and convenient ‘comfortable cold’ experience
• With six thermal pads, CryoLounge delivers targeted cold to specific muscle groups and heat in other areas to help offset the cold
• The Leg Compression feature offers a calf massage for additional muscle recovery
• Eliminates the hassle of ice packs, cold tubs, or cold/heat pads

How To Use

• Start your session by selecting up to 4 cold zones (blue) to target your sore muscles or aches & pains
• Use heat zones (red) in other areas of the body to keep comfortable
• Try the optional Compression feature for a calf massage
• Try the Auxiliary Pad to target hard to reach areas (ex. shoulder or knee)

Have questions or want to get started? Reach out to us!