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In the past couple of weeks, we have had some new fitness instructors & trainers join the Razor Sharp Team! Please help us welcome Juan, Emily, Elise, and Areania! They are thrilled to be here and can’t wait to start training with you. Each individual brings a unique personality to our fitness team. We asked each person about their fitness journey and why they are excited to start working with you. 


Juan Delapaz

Team Training, Personal Training, Studio Classes

I’ve always loved physical activity and moving my body, whether it’s lifting weights, dancing, playing sports, or going for a hike. I found out just how I took physical activity for granted when I was deployed on an aircraft carrier for 8 months in the U.S Navy. During that time, I watched the ocean and got massive amounts of sun, but I had so many restrictions on the variety of activities I could do. Since then, I try to take full advantage of the amount of things I get to do regularly, like running outside, going disc golfing with some friends, or going out dancing!
I am a competitive person when I play a game, but I also have a pretty relaxed personality.

I am so excited to start teaching group Power because I love lifting weights and doing it in a high-energy setting. I am also excited to teach Zumba in the future because dancing is a great way to perform cardio without having to think about it because of how much fun it is.

Emily Wilcox

Team Training, Personal Training, Studio Classes

My fitness journey started after having my second child, attending my local YMCA’s Bootcamp Conditioning and Yoga classes for one hour, twice a week. I lived for those 2 hours every week! Not only did I see improvements to my body, but my mind became strong as well. I formed bonds with my fellow boot campers and yogis that are still going strong to this day! This strength that I gathered gave me the courage to remove myself from some unhealthy relationships and eventually landed me back in school for Health & Wellness Promotion. I love competing with myself in obstacle course races and triathlons to help keep me motivated in my fitness. I have taught several group fitness formats from Bootcamp to Yoga, Kickbox cardio to mat Pilates, Power circuit to Aqua classes! I absolutely LOVE group X! It is part of my spiritual practice!

Areania Ramirez

Team Training, Studio Classes

I love fitness for so many reasons! I love how it makes people feel and look better. I love that it’s not only great for preventive health and prolongs life, but it’s also so extremely healing for both body and mind. I fell in love with fitness after stepping out of some toxic situations in my life. I found it was transforming not only my body but also my mind. It aided in my mind and body’s healing process and has cured my depression and anxiety. The culture is so much fun, and the ever-changing science is so exciting; it’s great to know that there’s always room for growth, new things to learn, and so many new ways to challenge or discover about our bodies and mind’s capabilities! I love that it’s a form of play for adults too, people can get so quickly wrapped up in adulting, stressful situations, and really just living to get by, but when getting to the center of fitness, it’s about fun—relearning to tap into our inner children and have a good time, taking care of ourselves and enjoying the process. Last but certainly not least, all the people and the culture! It ultimately keeps me motivated every day!

Elise artelt

Studio Classes – Yoga

Elise Artelt is a motivated yoga instructor that brings to the program over a decade of experience in a wide range of yoga practices. She has practiced and taught hatha, vinyasa, restorative, and kundalini yoga, and anticipates experiencing, and teaching Ashtanga, Bikram, Jivamukti and Anusara yoga in the future. Elise is passionate about her practice and has a vision to teach her gift to anyone who needs help in moving their bodies so that they feel strong, powerful, skilled, and focused in both the mind and body.

Through Elise’s journey, she has learned patience, love, and understanding, and tries to reflect her learnings through her practice and teachings. She believes having a spiritual grasp to reality will allow the mind to overcome any obstacle thrown its way. Through her message she would like to portray: In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.

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