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Maximize Your Membership From Day One

Starting your fitness journey can be overwhelming. Your initial experience can genuinely impact your success in prioritizing your health and wellness. Get the best fitness consultation from our experts to fulfill your health goals. We recognize the power that support and community have on the overall success of our members. For that reason, we constantly are working to improve and tailor the integration of new and existing members into the Razor Sharp community, starting with our Fitness Consultation! With a community of people who will help motivate, support, and guide you, you will leave the consultation with:


An honest baseline of where you are starting


Realistic health and fitness goals


An individualized, mapped out success plan that expands across all services we offer


Opportunities to make connections & build community with others at Razor Sharp


Resources and connections to increase comfort levels at the gym


A tool to easily track and visualize your results, outside of the uninformative scale

The Fitness Consultation Process

The Fitness Consultation, scheduled at signup, will be an hour-long, in-depth interaction with one of our fitness consultants. The session will include:


A review of the health and fitness questionnaire completed by member


2 Styku 3D body composition scans* (first scan at consultation)


A fitness and nutrition assessment


Goal and habit setting


Creation of an individualized success plan

*For accurate read on Styku Scan, wear form-fitting clothing during the scan (leggings, shorts, undergarments, etc.). The scan will take roughly 35-40 seconds to complete and is taken in complete privacy. The second scan will be taken at your 8-12 week follow-up.

Visualize Your Progress with The Styku

The Styku is a 3-D non-invasive body scanner that automates the measuring process and is a great tool to visualize progress. The scan provides information on circumference measurements, body composition, shape and so much more to give you a whole picture on your health and wellness! 

Meet Our Fitness Consultant

Razor Sharp Fitness Personal Trainer Kristine Gilson

Kris Leslie

I have been passionately working in the fitness industry for three decades because of the people! I love working with new members, getting to know their stories and what motivates them. I also want to understand their struggles and how I can help overcome them in positive ways. I try to create an atmosphere to show the fitness consultation is a safe place to open up and get the most out of starting a new journey with our community. I enjoy educating members on health and fitness topics that are relevant to their specific needs. Wherever you are in your journey, I will help guide you to the resources that will motivate you, keep you accountable, and discover that you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Razor Sharp Fitness Consultation Pricing

$59 / member

If you are interested in maximizing your membership and finding your success path at Razor Sharp Fitness, contact Alycia below!